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Landlord Representation


In the NYC, landlord and tenant laws are difficult to understand, especially with the 2019 updates - as there are several different bodies of law that overlap to define the rights and obligations of both Landlords and Tenants. Without qualified counsel you may also have a lot at stake if your rights are not protected properly. We have an extensive history in representing Landlords. For over 13 years we have developed key strategies in prosecuting holdover evictions and non-payment evictions and also defending against the issues faced by owners and managers of both residential and commercial properties. We are experienced in claims made by tenants to DHCR, HPD, DOB and the housing court and include overpayment, breach of lease, succession rights, rent stabilization and breach of warranty of habitability.

In addition, we can help manage your property to help prevent future legal problems. We can tailor lease agreements, house rules, rule enforcement postings and mailings to create and confirm mutual understandings with your tenants.