Below is a look at some of our current cases: Fall 2019

Current Cases & Controversies

Ms. Bass is experienced in Complex Civil Litigation and truly shines at helping the underdog prevail.  Nevertheless she always works with compassion for all parties involved.

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Fighting for defrauded owner


Homeowner was convinced to sign deed over to strawbuyer wherein $300,000 in equity was mortgaged against her property. Working to restore title and obtain damages against the wrongdoers. (2019)

Helping widow keep home


Husband signed contract to sell property prior to passing away.  Investor is coldly looking to enforce contract against the grieving widow. (2019)

contested probate


Working to settle a 19-year old Estate wherein family members are alleging fraud and undue influence as factors against a Testator's Last Will & Testament. (2019)

unknown title holders


Quieting title for family members where parent added friends to deed to assist with mortgage refinancing 45 years ago. (2019)

licensee eviction


Eviction proceeding to restore legal possession to owner where licensee has remained in premises for several years without permission. (2019)

wife's whereabouts unknown


Husband and Wife separated over 7 years ago and have no contact. Assisting to obtain final divorce decree so client can move forward in life. (2019)